ZEAL is the Only E-Cig with Two Replaceable Batteries & Wireless Charging Case!

ZEAL comes in a variety of color combinations, reflecting the variety of lifestyles and attitudes of each individual user.

Midnight Black |
Metallic Blue |
Imperial Red |
Space Grey

And more coming soon!

Each body is constructed from high quality anodized aluminum, built tough to withstand daily use, and still provide the same performance day in and day out. Only light maintenance is required, a simple cleaning with water and lint-free cloth is required once a month.
A bright battery indicator LED lets you know when it is time to swap or charge the battery.

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ZEAL Starter Kit

ZEAL Starter Kit


ZEAL + Wireless Charging Case

ZEAL + Wireless Charging Case
Device + Two Batteries + Two Pods


ZEAL+ Wireless Charging Case

Battery case capacity:1350 mAh

Battery case duration: Charges ZEAL battery up to 4 times, 30 Minutes each.

Battery case charge time: 1.2 hours wireless or 1 hour through micro-USB


Designed for those with an active
on-the-go lifestyle: far away from a charging source and limited on down time.
The ZEAL+ comes as an accessory or kit, and has enough juice to fully charge 4
ZEAL batteries.

The ZEAL+ kit has a receptacle to charge
a spare ZEAL battery, and doubles as a stylish slide-open carrying case. The
case itself is wireless charging capable that allows quick top-ups at the
favorite coffee shop.

The ZEAL+ thrown into a daypack or purse
guarantees 2-3 days of power on demand – for those where stopping is not an


ZEAL Pods are Available in Two Nicotine Strengths and Four Flavors!

Disposable pods sold in packs of 4,
Miniature atomizers have proprietary wicking materials.
1ML pods with 24mg or 48mg nicotine per ML.
Vacuum-sealed for consumer protection.

Morning Cappe
A decadent blend of rich, creamy cappuccino paired with a sweet almond treat.


Massive Mint
A mix of mint varieties, including refreshing spearmint and an icy menthol kick.


Alt. Tobacco
A rich, bold and true tobacco flavor.



A rich, energizing blend of fruit flavors with dominant notes of Concord grape and apple.