All communication regarding warranty exchanges must be initiated through our warranty claims form. We do not communicate regarding returns via social media, phone calls, emails, or visitors.
For purchases made in our web store and from our select partners, our warranty covers workmanship and manufacturer defects from the date of purchase for 90 days. All return shipments back to you are subject to a $10 processing fee/shipping cost.

To initiate the return process, please use our form to send us a detailed report, we’ll need multiple pieces of information including the following:

  1. Receipt/Proof of purchase, and the item code indicated on the device if any.
  2. Please let us know how and when the problem happens.
  3. Let us know what steps you have taken to solve the problem.
  4. Include a clear photo or video detailing the problem. Please make sure the photos and videos are focused and taken from a reasonable distance in adequate lighting.
  5. Once the return/exchange has been approved, you the customer, will be sent an invoice for $10 which must be paid before a return/exchange product will be shipped back to you.

We work with distributors internationally who are responsible for the warranty in each of their respective regions. We cannot warranty products that were purchased from overseas sellers. For example, we will not warranty/exchange products purchased and shipped directly from China.