New Arrival – CKS ZEAL Pods

We love the ZEAL at USV, it’s a powerful little vape system that pushes creativity and options. When we caught word that CKS was at work crafting new flavors to expand the lineup it was nothing but excitement on this end of things.

Today we get to talk about the 3 new flavors they’ve brought to the table, each with their own unique cues and none of them stepping on the other.

Apple Freeze – A blast of classic green candy apple flavor mixed with a cool finisher, powerful enough to alert and satisfy any tastebuds.

Soda-Poppin’ – Classic cola comes to live with a smooth everyday sweetness, it’s a refreshing shift during the day or closing out a nice summer evening.

Vanilla Tobacco – Smooth but rich vanilla notes surround the already pronounced tobacco in this flavor, great when you’re craving a dessert style flavor without going into bakery style mixes.

These pods are all 1mL capacity and come in packs of 4 pods per box. While the VO Tech pods are 24mg and 48mg, the CKS pods come in strictly 40mg for our stock. If you’re good on Fruit-ion, Massive Mint, Morning-Capp, and Alt-Tobacco it’s worth checking out these CKS pods, they’re a great expansion to the ZEAL platform and fully compatible. We’re running these pods at only $19.99 right now with subscription options so you’re never left without your favorite flavors.

While you’re stocking up, don’t forget we’ve partnered with VO Tech to host their ZEAL photo contest where they’re giving away $5,000 to the highest voted picture in the event. Entries are open until June 1st, 2019 and voting runs through June 30th. [Enter here]

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