The CKS JUNIOR is almost here!

While powerful mods are great for big clouds and flavor, there’s also convenience to be able to get a nice refreshing vape going without having to stress a build for it or swaps. That’s where the CKS JUNIOR fits in, offering extended power, a refillable tank so you can use any liquid of your choosing and minimal upkeep so you’re always going strong. The JUNIOR packs 3.2v, 3.5v, and ~3.8v range off its integrated 1000 mAh battery, plug into the front of the device and you can get back up and running in under an hour with full power on your battery again. For most this should provide long-lasting vape sessions but for a power user, there might be a little charge time required to keep you firing off those clouds. Our integrated pod in the JUNIOR supports all liquids, from salt nicotine, regular nicotine e-liquids, and juices, to CBD and even Cannabis e-liquids. In most countries, this is a 3mL offering but for UK and EU compliance those units will have a 2mL pod variation instead. Either way, you can top off your JUNIOR and keep your vape game going. Check out the announcement page for the JUNIOR to see some of the plate variations we have coming up and prepare for the launch later this month.

2 thoughts on “The CKS JUNIOR is almost here!

  1. Chris Porter says:

    Interesting, I have most of the mods made by usv and cks. I recently started using pods and I am Interested in the new pod

  2. Mary McDonough says:

    Hey Chris! CKS JUNIOR does it all as a 3 in 1 device. Vape your favorite E liquid, salt nic or CBD e Liquid with variable voltage settings and multiple coils set ups to choose from. The small form factor makes it super portable and convenient. What are you currently vaping?

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